Frequently Asked Questions

How does it get it’s power?

Our clocks feature a power brick, with the option to choose a black, white or transparent cable to the clock, depending on your interior and preferences. In the small version of the clock the brains of the clock will also be in this brick, as there is no room to put the brains into the clock itself as it is the case with the large clock.

Why can’t it run on batteries?

Because we want customers to be able to use the clock in any way they’d want to we have to power the clock using an power brick. We’d love to be able to power it from just some batteries but this is simply not possible; The math is simple, 120 LEDs use around 60mA per LED when they are set to white, this gives a power consumption of 120*60mA = 7200mA, this is 36 watt. An AA battery of has about 2.6 watt so it would be able to light the clock, for a very short time.