LightSaga - LargeThe Original

euro 350

No recurring costs!The original sized LightSaga that started it all, a gorgeous circle of circa 70 centimeters. It features 120 individual addressable LEDs that will liven up your wall like nothing else will. To quote Beyonce; “If you like it you should’ve put a ring on it”.


I want one!

LightSaga - Small

euro 250

No recurring costs!We had a lot of requests of people who simply didn’t have space for the original LightSaga. For those people there’s this smaller option. Roughly half the size of the large one it’s circa 36 centimeters and features 60 LEDs that will shine bright for you.


I want one!
LightSaga connects to the internet wirelessly. Except the power cables there are no other wires involved in getting your clock to work. With a simple app you can set up the clock to connect to your wireless network.
Because of the internet connection available to LightSaga there’s no need to ever adjust the time manually. It will automatically set the time and adjust for daylight savings time.
Get notifications on your wall straight away. Ranging from receiving a new email, a fresh blogpost on your favorite blog or the passing ISS from over your home; It’s all possible!
New features are added to LightSaga as we speak. The product is very much in development and we are working hard to make the experience as good as possible, now and in the future.
The LightSaga features an ambient light sensor, ensuring it doesn’t shine as bright as the sun when it’s dark in your room & vice-versa (no, it is not as bright as the sun, but it tries to be readable even in full sunlight). If you want it to of course.
Control all aspects of your LightSaga through your smartphone or tablet. Different color schemes for the hands, light sensitivity, timezone settings and whatnot, all easily accessible from within our app!